6 Simple Ways to Effectively Implant Patriotism in the Youth

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Patriotism is something that everyone can understand. And although everybody experiences patriotism differently, we participate in patriotism exhibitions — freedom of speech, voting, observance of national holidays, etc. Patriotism is an integral part of any nation.

Daniel M. DeWald, the author of Grey Feathers Led by Love of Country, knows how valuable instilling patriotism is, especially for children. But before discussing how to implant patriotism in the youth, let’s find out why patriotism is important.

What Patriotism is and Why it’s so Important

Patriotism is being patriotic, which means the adoration and strong backing for one’s nation. One of the essential aspects of patriotism is that it is a concept that connects people. A sense of love and solidarity for our country is a view that binds everyone to each other.

It’s a shared emotion and common intention to do what’s best for the country and provide support to improve it. Patriotism is also one of the prerequisites for having a strong nation. Why? Because not only are you out there able to connect to your fellow country dweller and the love you share for the nation, but it also puts everyone on the same page.

With the help of our patriotic sentiments, we can rest assured that we got each other’s back.

Now that we know what patriotism is and why it’s essential, it’s time to discuss how to implant patriotism in the youth.

6 Ways to Implant Patriotism in the Youth

You’ve probably wondered how you can raise your child to be patriotic. Daniel M. DeWald and his book Grey Feathers Led by Love of Country can show how patriotism is expressed and cultivated in the military. However, the book could be too serious for a child, but adults and parents can enjoy the book and its story.

If you want to implant patriotism in the youth, you can follow these six simple ways:

1. Visit National Monuments and Museums

When putting patriotism as one’s priority, kids must never miss an opportunity to visit important historical locations or national museums. With this, we are genuinely instilling the worth of patriotism within our kids, which is undoubtedly a worthwhile endeavor.

2. Respecting and Admiring National Symbols

Teaching our kids to show admiration and respect for the national symbols instills in them their true value. Symbols like the national emblem and the national flag are all important symbols for a country. Explaining why standing up during the national anthem is mandatory also teaches them to respect and admire national symbols. Not whispering or talking during the national anthem is an excellent way to show our kids that we lead by example.

3. Commemorate National Celebrations

We mustn’t treat national festivals as just a typical holiday. Folks can spend it with their youngsters by doing activities related to the national holiday. Doing so makes our kids feel notable for being a member of their country.

4. Answer Their Queries with Honesty

Young ones are constantly curious and always think up all kinds of queries. As adults, especially if you’re a parent, it’s essential to do your best to answer every question honestly. And if we don’t have an answer to their questions right away (like if they asked, “What lessons can we learn from the military?”), we need to tell them we don’t have the answer yet, but we’ll get back to them with the answers.

We must keep our promise of returning and giving them the answers too.

5. Welcome Unity in Diversity

Humans are complex creatures with different beliefs, temperaments, and motives. But it is through our diversity that we find our strengths once we work together. Teach your kids to learn this valuable lesson early by welcoming unity in diversity to your daily life.

Teaching our children patriotism is a necessary part of their lives. Given that they’ll soon be the ones to offer the world a great future, we should teach them why they should and how to love their country!Grey Feathers Led by Love of Country by Daniel M. DeWald, shows a ton of patriotism. If you wish to learn more about it, you can visit the author’s website here and get the book if it interests you.


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