Focusing on the Light at the End of the Tunnel

Photo by Brady Knoll

Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words by Grace Crook is a perfect example of how one can live life maintaining happiness. In her book, Crook narrates how she remained positive and happy despite everything she’s been through.

“Struggles and suffering make life worth living.” This is a common ideology some people live by. They believe that the challenges we face in life are what build us. These are what mold us into becoming the individuals that we are now. Without them, we might be nothing but universal machinery that isn’t realizing its potential.

Logically, this does make sense. After all, people learn the most from their mistakes or when they push themselves to perform beyond their comfort zones.

Pressure makes diamonds.

But sometimes, life sure has its ways of being a jerk. Let’s be honest. Sometimes, you end up sitting before your morning cup of coffee, thinking how badly bruised you might already be because of this so-called life’s challenges. And you aren’t even near this self-actualization, which means there’s more where those are coming from.

When life gives you lemons, you learn to make lemonade with them.

But when it seems like you’re already drowning in both your lemons and lemonade, what do you do?

When life keeps challenging you and pushing you to your limits, finding a way to remain positive can be hard. Happiness can be as easy as slapping a grin on your face. But does that make it genuine?

How do people do it? Those older people still manage to laugh and smile brightly despite their old age and the possible chaos they’ve lived through. How do they do it? While pushing yourself to remain happy despite everything can be challenging, it’s never impossible.

To start this journey, let’s learn from author Grace Crook.

She, like everyone else, has had a somewhat rocky life. She shared in an interview that she lived through being abused as a child, getting lost in all her vices, suffering from bipolar disorder, and recently her husband died. In short, her life has been filled with challenges and heartaches. But she never let these weigh down on her.

The poetry collection, Innerlight’s Eat and Drink My Words by Grace Crook narrates how she managed to live a happy life despite everything she’s been through. How does she do it? It’s relatively simple. Instead of letting these dark days consume her, she uses her passion for writing to express them. You can’t be consumed by negativity and grief if you let them out and expel them.

Writing as a means of expressing your emotions can be a powerful way of healing from these. Even though what you’re making isn’t creative as Grace Crook’s, write your thoughts. You don’t have to make poetry out of it. All you need to do is write whatever’s on your mind and whatever you’re feeling.

While writing can be therapeutic, not everyone may have the luxury to do so. If this is your case, you’re more than free to meditate.

According to a 2019 Global Happiness and Well-Being report, meditation is an excellent way to feel happy. You can start by relaxing for a few minutes to even an hour during your day. Stay away from homework or work, whatever applies, and just anchor your mind to the present. By relaxing your mind and being in the present, you will become more mindful of what you’re feeling. This will allow you to process and acknowledge your negative emotions and thoughts.

If you’re someone who gets antsy at the thought of staying still and being left with your thoughts, there are other kinds of meditations. Some don’t rely on stillness and quiet but still allow you to process and be one with your emotions more.

Happiness can’t happen if you’re alone. You may experience joy and contentment by yourself, but these feelings might not last long. People are social beings. Hence, to be genuinely happy, we rely on each other. If you’re having trouble and have nobody to run to for comfort, it can be easy to get consumed by your demons. An excellent way to keep them away is by socializing.

Be with people that make you genuinely happy. These people will be the keys to help unlock your stable sense of self, thus encouraging happiness within you.

Life is a rollercoaster ride. To survive its ups and downs, being by yourself isn’t enough. You may be your rock, and nobody can assure you’re the safest besides you. But you will still need someone to accompany you, hold your hand, and provide you comfort throughout the ride.


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