Living the Unplugged Life

No one can blame those who only want the best life possible by working hard to the bone. After all, nothing is free these days, even a person’s own time. Everyone is doing their best and focusing on what matters in their lives, even their faith, and spiritual journey. This is an opportunity to self-evaluate the things that one should prioritize.

Somehow, humans need a little recharge after a hectic time of work, study, and other personal things to take care of. The constant need to be on the phone and call in case something happens is all that seems to matter nowadays. Because everyone lives such a busy life, being laidback and taking the sweet time to enjoy life has become a luxury. Even making time to focus on God daily has become even harder for certain people due to the busy cycle of life.

Society has become closer than ever, and technology has dictated how everyone should live. Along with that kind of progress is the downside of unnecessarily fast-paced and impatient. People demand everything to be everywhere at once; otherwise, they get stressed.

Disconnecting From the World

It won’t hurt to try and rearrange the daily habits that heavily involve technology. Limiting the time spent with social media during certain times of the day might help anyone who wants to slow down for a moment and be immersed in the silence and the self.

Living life the ordinary way without being glued to the phone screen and taking the time to meditate on God’s word allows peace and wisdom to flow naturally. It may be hard to start doing so, but it always reaps guaranteed results. Being away from what disturbs the peace is an excellent way to disconnect.

Pick up a New Hobby

Whether it’s painting, cooking or gardening, or reading a couple of books, try learning a productive activity to spend time on. By cultivating a hobby outside of needing a phone, anyone can divert their time and energy and still feel rejuvenated.

After carefully reflecting on the factors causing stress, try thinking about specific passion projects that need some rework. It might be a good diversion that can help take the mind off somewhere else where there’s little to no distraction. It also wouldn’t hurt to try something new despite the fear of failure.

Spend More Time With Loved Ones

Nothing beats the wonder of being with influential people, friends, family, or a loved one and doing mundane things with them. Even just being together talking about anything and everything under the sun, catching up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. Enjoying other people’s company this way helps re-energize the brain and reset the heart into place.

Allotting personal time to share with people who matter will always be one of the best ways to unplug from every burden stacked on each other. Yes, spending time alone is always good, but having company and enjoying life with them eliminates worries and invites positive energy.

Setting Sights on What’s Important

Dr. Julius Mosley IIemphasizes living a life that focuses on the essential aspects that no one hardly cares about. It may be a gloomy reality, but life is truly short. Hence, it must be spent with things and people that matter while they’re still around. It helps to re-organize priorities to see what has been missing all along correctly.

Life’s journey is hard enough without a clear goal and the need to recharge. Happiness doesn’t come easy and as often as anyone wants, but reaching that point is a big step to take. There has to be a precise evaluation of how life has been and if these things would still be of great importance a decade from now.

Being present in the moment, slowing down, and taking deep breaths are part of unplugging from the busy life that the world has been shoving into every person. And that busy routine comes with the possibility of forgetting God and how spending time with Him is as valuable as breathing.


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