Why Teach Children?

Author Nelibeth Plaza has consistently advocated for teaching children and helping them be better individuals. People say children are the future of the world. In line with this, we encourage each other to teach them patiently and be kind to them.

However, with the same breath that says this, we sometimes find ourselves unnecessarily aggressive toward them, scolding them when they don’t act the way we want them to. When we interact with children, we expect them to have the same mindset, and in turn, we become impatient with them. Sometimes, people can be so self-centered, thinking that the world will constantly adjust to their interests, that they forget how kids are just kids.

These children have yet to learn how to navigate and interact with the world appropriately. From time to time, the very children we hope to protect are the ones we end up scarring and hurting the most with our impatience and unkindness.

The world needs to rear great, kind, and affectionate children for future generations to survive. But to achieve this, we must first have adults that can guide them well. Adults who can be patient and genuinely enjoy their company connect with them. One of the authors I’ve recently stumbled on is Nelibeth Plaza. She writes children’s books and has shared one thing she’s most passionate about reading books to children enthusiastically. Admittedly, it’s nothing too fancy or too sacred. It’s not as though she saved children’s lives – well, not directly. However, at the same time, it’s also uncommon for people to mention their passion.

But why preach about this?

Well, for one, I’ve realized how the world lacks people like Nelibeth when it should have more like her. Those who publicly serve and help children in a kind manner. To nurture children to become a better generation, we should strive to see the greatness and significance of teaching them. It can be fun to crouch down to their level and sincerely enjoy the time and effort it takes to teach them – something most of us might not see or care enough to discover.

There’s Never a Dull Moment with Children

One of the most evident benefits of teaching children is the fun and variety they bring in every class. When working with kids, days will never be routine. Kids always get something new to look forward to every day. And with how the world has become so hasty – most things quick and fast-paced, we sometimes find ourselves quickly bored that we often deliberately find multiple things to juggle, to jump from one task to another.

Being with children brings this privilege. Since they are as quickly bored as us, teaching kids allows them to prepare and engage in different activities in a short period. Additionally, working with children makes one expect the unexpected. Children don’t think and look at the world the same way as adults do. Thus, they can provide multiple surprises that can develop your flexibility and resourcefulness as both a teacher and an individual.

Teaching Children is Very Rewarding

Think of how much you’re helping the world by teaching children that could one day be leading and working on its progress. But besides that, think of how you’ll be becoming a significant figure in a child’s life. You will be helping them reach their potential and help them become better adults in the future. Teaching children means you will be one of the fundamental blocks that will be building their character. This can be very rewarding not only for the child’s life but also for yours. You aren’t only helping them be better adults. You’re also making yourself better by being more patient and understanding of your differences. Teaching or helping children can be very difficult. Undeniably, there will be children who can be challenging to handle and those that can seem like impenetrable walls. Consider how gratifying it can be. Above the idea that you’ve helped shape a child, you can also consider how much you’ve grown as an individual. Children will not only teach you to see the world a little differently, but they will teach you to be more patient and kinder. Hence, the bottom line is that learning children may be challenging but can also teach you many things. It’s a win-win situation.


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